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Hey Friends. I'm Emily. 

 I'm a photographer. What? I know. Revolutionary. But hear me out-I didn't start out with this career path in mind. I am an introverted extrovert who grew up in the performing arts and eventually fell in love with this new form of creativity. How did that happen after years of voice lessons and a BA in musical theatre? Well, my boyfriend bought me my first point and shoot Canon digital camera as a Christmas gift 15 years ago and from then on, I was hooked. A few years later, that same dude turned husband and bought me my first Rebel DSLR for Christmas. He encouraged me to pursue this avenue of art in addition to my original passion.  That same year, he had lost his job and we were living with my in-laws. Despite it being the worst possible time, he encouraged me to go to New York and pursue my dreams of being a Broadway star.  I left my 1 year old, my husband, everything familiar and took a 5 week trip out to give it the old college try. In addition to my book, my nerve and everything I had in my soul to give, I also brought my camera. In between a shitload of auditions and very little sleep, a friend of a friend took a look at the back of my camera. "These are really very good! You should do this to make money while you're in-between auditions when you go back home". It wasn't a BAD idea. But would people pay me to take their photos? Well, a few years later (and non-stop grinding of how to make this new passion work), I found myself sitting on a beach in Northern California, eating a bagel and getting ready to drive 45 minutes to the  Redwoods for a destination wedding. Who knew?  I love singing and performing but I never really felt like I was very good at the competitive grind of the industry. I still do perform.  You may even see me on your TV from time to time ;) but for now...I enjoy being behind the camera as much as I do being in front of it. I also started a styled shoot group called Pop Up Shot Club. I got tired of the Covid blues and decided to create my own stuff. So..Now I am creating fake weddings and photographing real ones too. Pretty cool. 

I also made a brood of 3 little girls with that same dude and together, we are trying to raise kick ass women in a crazy world. I love food and most notably, dessert. I'm never one to turn down a chocolate chip cookie. Sidecar doughnuts are my jam and I may or may not have won their Halloween Costume Contest this year so we could claim a 6 pack of doughnuts. I try to drink a gallon of water everyday, love the smell of tires and new cars and nothing gives me a thrill like a great car wash. I believe in kindness and respect/ community over competition to my very core, that Black Lives Matter and that Love is Love.  I LOVE Beyoncé, 90's hip-hop and R and B but can also belt you out a Broadway showtune if the moment called for it. My girls call me Wonderwoman but I'm really just doing my best to keep it together. If you like a girl who is into being your number one hype pal, enjoy movement and joy in the moments caught and can relate to my goobery sense of humor-then, I got you and let's do this.  

pC: kdorianphoto. she's a damn wizard.


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