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hey friend. I'm Emily


pC: kdorianphoto. she's a damn wizard.


This is a huge moment for you. You're here because hopefully, you saw something of mine that sparked a feeling in you. You felt joyful. The best moments in life are the ones where you feel completely enfolded with all of the emotions that are what's best about human nature.  Whether it's the moment where dad comes in the room to see his daughter in the dress he knew one day he'd see her wearing (but still sees his little girl deep down) or those happy tears being wiped by mom as she sees her son taking his new wife's hand...That first time your partner locks eyes with you as you begin your journey down the isle and mouths "You look beautiful" -That's where you need a pal that is gonna be there to grab it so you can go back and relive it whenever you want to be taken back to that place. 

I am UNBELIEVABLY excited and passionate about being there for you to catch all of it. I love the joy. I love the emotion. I love seeing the moments in-between where we sit in the peacefulness of a prayer or the reading of a groom's note to his partner/wife-to-be. I want to be there for you and for you to know you're in the best hands possible because it means as much to me to be there. I don't take any of your moments lightly and I feel incredibly honored you're considering me to do that. 


When you inquire with me, I ask you to fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know you better. Fun facts, if you will. :) 

Here's a few of my fun facts.

*I believe in kindness and respect/ community over competition to my very core, that Black Lives Matter and that Love is Love.

*I made a brood of 3 little girls with a pretty cool dude (who I've been married to for 13 years) and together, we are trying to raise kick ass women in a crazy world.

*My background is actually in Musical Theatre and performing arts. You may even see me on your TV from time to time.  ;)

*I love food and most notably, dessert. I'm never one to turn down a chocolate chip cookie. Sidecar doughnuts are my jam.

 *I LOVE Beyoncé, 90's hip-hop and R and B but can also belt you out a Broadway showtune if the moment called for it.


If you like a girl who is into being your number one hype pal, enjoy movement and joy in the moments caught and can relate to my goobery sense of humor-then, I got you and let's do this.

Let's DO this.

Thanks for submitting!