PC. Husband. (with the aide of yours truly..but he'd tell you otherwise). 

hey there

Hey! I'm Emily. B stands for Beth....but you can call me Em or Emily. It's up to you. Here's some things about me.  


1.This photo is for my commercial headshots. I'm also an actress.  My favorite color is blue. I'll probably change this photo out again soon.

2.I really love to take pictures of people. It never gets old and it's always an exciting new adventure.

3. I love to sing and perform-it is a passion of mine and my original career path.

4. I am a mommy of 3 and a wife of 1. 

5. I enjoy a cheeseburger and making people laugh with my sarcasm and endless wit.


I sincerely appreciate you letting me catch your precious memories and I look forward to hearing from you!

PC Credit to my huuuzzzzzbiinnnn who firmly believes he was the brains behind this shot!

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