Eric and Alex

I was blessed to receive another referral from Baby Talent Network-owned and operated by Kathy Colorado. Kathy has been working with our family for the past 7 years and over the last year or so has been kind enough to refer her little clients my way for headshots. It's been a fantastic opportunity and I am loving every minute of it! I recently had the pleasure of photographing 6-year-old Eric and his baby brother Alex. Eric was a client of BTN and recently decided to get back in the game of modeling. Alex is also getting involved in "the biz" and they needed to update their look to get going. These two were the sweetest boys. Eric loved school, superheros and being a big brother. He enjoyed

Nick and Aimee

The flyers. The ones me and my family posted all over colleges? They worked!...And they were a big success on the Cal State Long Beach campus. :) I was contacted by the lovely Aimee who wanted to do a session with her boyfriend. They had both graduated and wanted to "make mom happy" by having grad photos taken. :) The session was so fun. Right off the bat, I knew we'd get along when they put up with my humor. (Poor Nick was a good sport when I kept calling him "Chris." Where I got that name from... I don't know.) Aimee was a little more outspoken and outgoing whereas Nick was more quiet and subtle. Sweet and quirky, they had quite the silly time making one another laugh. All I had to do w


When I decided that I was gonna make this happen...I took it to the streets. Neil, the girls and I packed it up. We went to Staples, made a bunch of fliers, and hoofed it all over to close to a dozen colleges. If I had to have been contacted by anyone, I couldn't have been more blessed to have been messaged by Briea. Kind natured. Strong. Smart. Humble. This is an individual you want on your team. Sporting her mom's cap and gown, Briea walked a couple weeks ago at CSULB. Graduating with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Math, Briea was raised by her equally strong mother who taught her the value of what It means to be a hard working and passionate individual. Briea plans to continue on to

New Site, New Start!

WELL! Here we are! I am working hard and by the time this is posted I will have finished my brand, new website. About a month and a half ago, I decided to make this more than a hobby and really go for it. I had been busting my butt in a serving job that I hated and did this on the side when I could. It made me so much happier. It was a form of art. Alas, adulting calls and so I found another serving job closer to home that was supposedly going to pay me more money and work with my hours. Long story short, the gentleman who had hired me ended up being a ding dong and did me a big favor by not having his stuff together. It opened my eyes and helped lead me into going for my photography. I told

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