I had the pleasure of working and meeting Nick well before his session. I met Nick last year while singing with my acapella group. I had taken a year off and when I returned, this lovely soul was a part of the group. This guy is a hard working and passionate individual who works incredibly hard at his craft. During last Halloween season, he learned all 3 parts so he could sub for any other males when they were running low on fellas. (And as someone who only has to learn only 1 part...let me tell's NO walk in the park). It had been a few years since he had had headshots done and decided to freshen up on this look and have a few new ones taken. It was an absolute pleasure to work with

Voyage LA

I am THRILLED to announced that VoyageLA, an online magazine asked to interview me on my progress as a growing business owner. At first, I thought it wasn't real but after talking with someone I greatly admire who has owned her own business for over 20 years...she encouraged me to go for it. My story is currently published AT I am beside myself. I am officially a published photographer. WHAT?! WHAT?!! Thank you to everyone who has lead me to this point. I am in awe :)


Be still my heart. Sweet little Remi. Another amazing referral from BTN (children's talent management). Miss. Remi was starting her career and I fortunate enough to be contacted to take her very first headshots. She was the absolute CUTEST thing. Those eyes...those curls...that little smile. I could have taken her home if I didn't have 3 little girls of my own...(and her mom probably wanted to keep her there's that.) Good luck, Remi! There's gonna be lots of bookings in your future...I'm sure of it!

San Diego

As long as Neil and I have been married, we've gone to San Diego every summer. In the beginning, it was just dinners and trips to Balboa to explore the museums. Then as little people began to add to our little family, we introduced the Zoo....then Seaworld.....then Legoland. We're pros on San Diego...but every year we manage to discover somewhere new in the beautiful county. This year, we stayed in Mira Mesa. Our first day there was spent at La Jolla Cove-somewhere we had never been. The girls discovered tide pools and crabs. We saw sea lions that were only inches away. It was new for me too and felt like a little girl again as we shimmied our way down the rocks to enjoy sea life from a whol

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