You know how you watch TV and you hear about actors and their struggle to get their big break? They start young...they have a hunger. They know that this is their destiny. There is no "plan B". They eat, breath, sleep this passion. They talk about their story how they only had a few dollars in their bank account, working to live, driving a car that may or may not break down at any minute but let it motivate their cause? You know, someone with massive heart and drive? Then they get their big break right when they're on the brink of having nothing. This is THAT kid. I met Cody only recently but I have known his mom for years. She was one of my bosses way back when I worked at In-N-Out. (yes. I

The Morrison Family

Starting my new business branding has led to some fun new adventures. I took an online course from some pro photographers that put me in a private forum. From there, I was welcomed into a smaller group in the so cal area where I met Cyndy. Cyndy of Cyndy Morrison Photography is another up and coming, really talented photographer who I met in our smaller group. Working on some new things and getting ready for the fall season, I asked if Cyndy and her family wouldn't mind being models for me. Her, her three boys and her husband met me at Gum Grove Park and we took some family sunset photos. Her boys were so silly and cute...especially little Levi, the youngest. :) We're gonna do a trade off ev

The Geoffroy Gang

"Hey Em! We're interested in a family shoot!" "HI Lindsay!! Great! How many?" "15 people total. 6 kids included." (Mouth drop. Deep breath.) " Let's do it!" An old friend of mine from High School was back in town and her mom wanted to get all the family together for some pictures. I hadn't seen Lindsay since it was quite a treat to see how much has changed. (A college degree, marriage, a move across country and 2 kids later!) We met in Seal Beach and had a great time chasing all the kids around and did our darndest to get them to all look at the camera at the same time. 4 siblings, 3 significant others, 2 grandparents and 6 kids...ranging from several weeks old to several yea

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