Ethan and Emery

This little guy. SO cute. One of my mom friend's from school had a little boy last year and she wanted to have some pictures taken of him. I've been fortunate enough to see this little guy since he started cooking in mom's belly to now almost a year old. His older sister was in Zoey's class her first year at her new elementary school and his mom couldn't have been nicer. Over the year, we made friends and she sealed her fate when she would give snacks to Mia on the regular. This family is one of the nicest, most genuine people group that I know. Here's a sweet session of a Cowboy lovin' family!

Scaroling, Scaroling

My first passion is and always will be, singing. I don't do it as often as I used to and I certainly miss it. During the Christmas season, I sing with a group that performs and Downtown Disney. During the Halloween season and with a touch of Disney magic, ghosts from the Haunted Mansion come out to socialize and sing some fun Halloween tunes! My girls are rather fond of a certain singing Viking, so we packed up the truck to see the group of their first gig of the Halloween season. We arrived a little early and played in the hat shop before we headed over to listen to our favorite ghost-hosts sing. My middle child was a little intimidated by the ghosts, while my eldest ate it up. The baby sa

The Schuster Family

11th grade English class. That's when I met this beauty. Miss Stephanie Sisneros. I have to admit, I was TOTALLY intimidated by her. Quiet. Beautiful. Varsity Cheer. She was definitely in the cool crowd but had a very kind, sweetness about her. She thought I was funny (or maybe too loud..I don't know :)...and anyone who thinks that is automatically ok by me ( the funny part..not so much the loud part heh heh). Little by little, I discovered that there was more than met the eye and we became pals. Senior year, we remained friends and were both nominated for Prom Queen. I have a picture of us at prom together after we both lost to Nicole Pietrini (it's okay...she was a lovely young lady too :

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