Regan and Dylan

These little ladies. UGHHHHH.....THE CUTEST! A friend of mine was kind enough to refer me to another friend of hers. This friend was interested in getting her daughters involved with commercials/tv etc so I was contacted and asked to take her little's headshots. We later did family photos after (which will be on a blog to come!)....but first, we went to my local spot for some absolutely delightful little lady headshots. First up was Miss. Regan. This kid-who not too long ago was chosen to model a new playdough product but hadn't really been much in front of the camera-was EATING it up. She was a wonderful listener, took direction amazingly well and was game for whatever I threw at her. She s


This was one of the most fun shoots I've gotten to do, to date. of my best pals shoots me a screen shot. " of my oldest friends needs a photographer for a lifestyle shoot. I'll get you in touch?" A lifestyle shoot. Something new and different. My curiosity peaked, naturally. "Hi Emily! I want to do something creative and fun! Something different...are you interested?" "YES! Let's do it!" Fast forward- and this complete stranger who ended up being as LOVELY as could be, shows up at my home and off we go shooting something called a "pitch packet" for potential managers and agents. He jumps in my car and I ask him "So...what's your story?" Riley is an actor. (Although he learn

My Micaela (Part 1)

It has been an AWESOME weekend so far. I've had the pleasure of shooting some incredibly lovely people and today I got to photograph one of my best friends. (I say part one, because we're gonna shoot a couple more looks in the future. Today-she just needed a couple of photos for an upcoming audition. ) So funny story..this girl. We met several years ago in a performing group I am a part of. We were in the same group and by the end of the season....couldn't stand the sight of one another. It was rough. High tension. Lots of hours. LOTS of time spent together. A mix of emotion and frustration and I was quite certain none of us would EVER talk to each other again. Several months later...she rea


This stud is Joseph! I met Joseph last year singing with my acapella group when I came back after a year off. Trying to promote my headshots, I sent out a message and was lucky enough to have Joseph ask me to take some new ones for him. He has been on the road working a ton-He just finished "Million Dollar Quartet" as the King himself.....and also did a quick 2 night engagement of "Hunchback of Notre Dame" as Phoebus. He is currently a spooktacular ghost with my friends down at Downtown Disney (mentioned in a prior blog). Hoping for lots of booking with your new shots, Joseph! Break a leg!

The Roberts Family

On my first day of work at California Pizza Kitchen, I walked to the host stand where I was met by a young lady who had just came back from maternity leave. "I've been gone for 3 months. So....Let's see if I actually remember anything. I'm Tess. I guess just follow me." I was a bit stunned...and entertained. Clearly, I was casually thrown to her whim in order to be trained as a host. I didn't really know if I was actually going to learn anything but as days passed I loved the lack of enthusiasm. Being around her made me laugh. She was genuine and lovely. Over the next few years, we became good friends-moved up in the ranks from host-to take out to server... We even went through a pregnancy t

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