Big girl got braces. Naturally it was time for some new headshots. When I was very early on in my photo taking, I started with Zoey. She was my first model. I've gotten to reflect on just how much she's changed physically by looking back at all of her photos throughout the years and just how beautiful she is. She definitely looks just like her oh-so-handsome daddy, but I'd like to believe there's just a little of me somewhere in there. She's been auditioning left and right...she's been on quite a few holds lately...I know she's on the brink of great things. I'm waiting to hear from her agent which photos they wanted to choose. In the meantime, these were some of my favorites. Keep your fing


Man crush MONDAY. mmm mmm mmm....Look at this guy. He's handsome, kind, intelligent, really loud, passionate.... and not an actor. By a crazy turn of events, he's gotten roped into being one :). My background is in the performing arts. When I met Neil, he was fully supportive from the get go and has pushed me to do more than I could ever imagine. He was the reason I went to New York, has attended more auditions with me than I can count, heard me sing hours of rehearsal music (and mostly JUST alto lines) and still tells me to this day-that I will make it. We laugh because despite the hours I've committed to my craft, the countless auditions I've attended-Neil seems to have right place, right

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