My cousin is having a baby. I couldn't be more thrilled for her because I know how badly she has been wanting to be a mommy. Thanks to the miracle of fertility, she will soon know the joys of midnight feedings, baby sounds, hearing "MOMMY" more times in a day than you can possibly imagine (unless youre a mom too :) and ALL of the beautiful moments in-between. I brought my camera with me to her shower last week and she took me to local field nearby, afterwards. She is beaming. The photos are as beautiful as she is. Congratulations, D. I am so very happy for you. xo

Steph and Ashley

So DANG excited for these 2. I was absolutely thrilled when my friend from High School messaged me and told me she was getting married. "Can we talk to you about being our photographer?" "Um....YES". We had the quickest, most lovely meeting reuniting at Starbucks...and sealed the deal. These Disney geeks are girls after my own heart. We started with a Beauty and the Beast theme. There were props...there was attention to detail. I appreciated it all. We met at Gum Grove (or Gum Ball, as Steph so appropriately named it) and had an amazing time. Here's there engagement session..I can't WAIT for the wedding in Big Bear!


To all my baby daddies out there....to the guys raising strong ladies. To the guys raising sensitive men. To the men who responsibly love and nurture the little people who are our future. I salute you. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being a wonderful partner, husband, best friend, comedy partner and all around awesome dude. We can't do it without you! And to my number one baby daddy.....I thank you for your genetics to make supremely awesome baby girls. You are my rock and our reason. We LOVE you.

Powers Family

I have to catch up on blogging. I have to say with the quickness of Instagram..I completely neglect the blog and well, there's just so much happening! I recently finished the Powers family gallery and I am smitten over these littles...particularly the little guy with the glasses. Twins and a little brother made for a silly and fun afternoon. Someone was over it...someone was hungry...someone didn't want to smile.....I simply threatened to adopt them and bring them home with me. I have 3 girls of my own and I always wanted a son. That seemed to do the trick..because we were all smiles after that :) Here's just a few from this great afternoon!

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