My goal for this project was to showcase women who I admire and give them a moment to shine. I still had several more days that I needed to fill and was able to figure out some of the spots before Covid took its collective dump on all of us. However, the month wasn't going to be entirely filled. I decided to finish with me..I'm a female. I have a perspective. I am doing my best to raise strong women. I also have a 6 year old who loves photography and gives really great direction. Originally, I had all of my family members take photos each. Mia knocked it out of the park so, all photos except the last were taken by her and edited by me. *******************************************************

Dee Dee

This post goes to mom. If I'm being honest, I struggled to come up with what I wanted to write in this. I wanted to be honest and I also wanted to pay tribute to the individual who molded a large part of who I am. I grew up with a relatively normal childhood. I lived in a two car, single story home until we moved in '95 and then it was a 2 -story home. It was me, my mom, my dad and my brother. I swam in the summertime in our backyard pool and I rode my bike for fun. My mom volunteered at school. She was involved with PTA and raised money for my Catholic school. I remember one summer, she was my girl scout camp leader until my brother came down Chicken Pox. She and my dad signed me up and en


Today is my 12 year wedding anniversary. I thought it appropriate to showcase the first little lady who was a celebration of mine and Neil's love and made me a mom. This is by far the most entertaining interview. I was laughing almost the entire time. This girl, is a chip off the old block. My Zoey is going to be 10 in May. It blows my mind that she has been on this earth almost an entire decade when it feels like not that long ago, I was changing her diapers and wondering what she would be like when she old enough to hold my hand while she walked. Now she's doing fractions, wearing high tops and leather jackets and talking on the phone with her friends. I love the person she is becoming.


Here's a gal that I only met 2 years ago. I originally sang with her sweet husband, Aaron in the acapella group I've told you all about. Aaron was getting married and I told him I was also a photographer. One day, I get a text from him. "Yo Dude, Wanna do ma' wedding shiz?" It was game on. I would eventually meet the lucky lady who would be walking down the aisle with Mr. Aaron. Courtney had the most vibrant head of CURLY red hair to match her spunky, upbeat personality. Courtney was interested in costumes from the renaissance period and was incredibly articulate. She had crazy food restrictions and a deep love of tacos. She loved her cats and old poetry. Most of all though, she was kind and


This is my Thea Helen but I am not Greek. I was "adopted" into a Greek family. I've known Helen my entire life. My mom and she went to college together. I have so many childhood memories playing at her house or attending a party. Because of my coloring, people naturally thought I was Greek so I just went with the flow. I grew up with her daughter and ended up becoming very close with her niece, Gina. Gina's girls and my girls have grown up together. My girls go to school around the corner from Gina's mom-Helen's sister. You get the idea. They've always made me feel like I was one of the family. My mom ended up working for Thea Helen all throughout High School and it was in that time frame th


Lauren is one of my oldest friends. Although ironically, this interview is one that even a year ago I couldn't have imagined I would be writing. Did you ever have that one particular friend in college who you were in just in utter awe? You know the one who the girls all wanted to be and the boys all wanted to be with....and/or the boys wanted to be and the girls also wanted to be with...(No gender bias here😉 ) That was Lauren for me. She was elusive in spirit, talented, and intelligent. Best of all, she just didn't give 2 F's what anyone thought about her. In the fall of 2003, I was a transfer to the University of Redlands and I didn't know anyone. This was a very small school and slowly b


I met Angelica when I first started with an acapella group six years ago. Her energy was something to behold. She was bright, undeniably pleasant, and introduced herself to all of us new members right away. I don't necessarily remember the first time we met but I remember the first time I heard her sing. Her talent was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. She was unbelievable. As soon as she started, my mouth hit the ground. The power of her instrument was effortless and absolutely incredible. But what I found to be the most incredible was the level of humility that was present before she sang and after. This was a voice that could leave all of us in the dust and yet, she encouraged and c


You know those two rad, curly haired sisters? Well, they came from a rad, curly haired mom. When I asked Bianca to interview and then her sister Olivia, I thought, "Hey. Why not mom too?" Mom is my friend, Mindy. Mindy and met the same day that I met Pennywise...(Or Bianca). It wasn't until this year though, that we really solidified a friendship. Apples don't fall far from the trees. These are good lady apples and mom and dad are good trees. (I'd also like to add they have a lovely son too). This year, Zoey my eldest and Bianca her youngest aren't in the same class. Mindy and I have made the effort to make sure that the girls stay buddies. With that, it's allowed me more time to get to


Mina Meee. My mini me. This is my middle. I had her on Thanksgiving and she has forever been my turkey baby. This little queen has so many feels. She has a huge heart and quite a range of emotions. When she hurts, she hurts hard. When she loves, she loves hard. She cares about others and puts others before herself. Recently, she made a bunch of drawings and sold them a church function with my mom. Later that day, my mom handed me an envelope with $10.00 in it because Mia wanted to raise money for the homeless. What 6-year-old does that? This year, she received the school award for "compassion and acceptance" and at her parent teacher conference, her teacher told me that Mia was honestly the


My baby turns four today. Four. How does that happen? Someone once told me the days are long but the years are short. That couldn't be a truer statement. Becoming a parent has somehow managed to completely change the dynamics of time. For instance, it was just yesterday that I pregnant with my third. I'd always wanted three children. When I was little, it was only me and my sibling and always wished I had an older sister. I told myself that when I was an adult, that I would have three. Ironically, I BELIEVED I would be a mom of boys but I had just kind of assumed that I would have a mix of both. The good Lord saw otherwise, and I was blessed with three lovely ladies. Teagan's birth was qui


When I was little, I used to think that my teachers and principal were like a special breed of humans. I never saw them out in the wild of real life so I didn't think of them as regular people. Honest to God, I thought they all went to a special island at the end of their work day and lived in luxury until it was time to return back and teach us little people what we needed to know. As I got older, I realized that they were in fact, regular people but I still thought of them as a celebrity of sorts. They were untouchable. They were special. When I started having kids of my own who began attending elementary school , these same feelings remained but on a more adult level of understanding. I


I've actually never met Sanna in person. This queen lives across the pond down under. How the heck did I meet a photographer that I admire so much and yet lives thousands of miles away? The beauty of Instagram my friends. I was invited to be in a group pod of other lady photographers. Slowly but surely, I started picking up on sarcasm and wit from this one in the response comments. Little known fact, anyone who can make me laugh is a winner in my eyes. Eventually, we started reaching out to one another and the rest is kind of history. If you enjoy photography, you NEED to go check out Sanna's work. It's warm and emotional. It's moments and family and the joys and the hardships and all that


You know there are kids that are just rad? That's Olivia. She is the older sister of Bianca. Bianca was one of my first features in the project. She, herself is pretty rad so it would come as no surprise that so is her older sister. Olivia is a teen. Usually, when I hear teenager automatic thought is to turn in the opposite direction. (I know, I was there once). Not with this girl. She is mature, kind and easy to talk to. Every time my eldest and her little sister hang out to play, she always says hello to me and we'll have a small chat. I get the feeling that she isn't doing it to be polite and that she has a genuine interest in how things are going. She is an incredible soccer pl


I met Maria through my parents roughly a year ago. They would speak of her frequently and in such a positive light. The circumstances where we finally met weren't the best (we both sang at my grandmother's funeral) but it gave me the opportunity to hear her beautiful singing voice. The power that came from within the soul of Maria spoke volumes. Her instrument was compelling and dynamic. It would come as no surprise that her personality matched her gorgeous voice. She stood firmly in her place and was the definition of a woman with a commanding presence. She was incredibly well spoken and seemed so much more mature in age. Instantly, I admired the strength of her character and could see exa


A few years ago, my daughter was in a combo K/1 class. Although the first grade parents didn't really seem to want to have much to do with us Kinder parents, I also didn't really go out of my way to make new parent friends either. The entire went by and right at the very end, I made Elisa's acquaintance. She had two sons and came from a teaching background. Ironically, it wouldn't be until the following school year that we start meeting for morning walks on a regular basis. I had told her I wanted to get into better shape. Being an encouraging individual, she offered to come along with me. When you're going on an hour long walk, it gives you time to chat. All of the surface level chats went


For those of you that are meeting me as of recent, singing has always been my first passion. My dream is/was to be on Broadway but things shifted a bit after I had children. For years, I sang with an acapella group that performed at Disney and private parties. I had the opportunities to meet lots of wonderful people being in the group. Alex was also a member of the same singing group and although I never sang with her, I'd see her in photos on social media and wonder who this was? I asked one of other altos..."Who is this?" "Oh! That's Alex. She only sang one year but she's really good. You two would get along well." One evening, a mutual friend was hosting a party. Arriving fashionably la


In yesterday's feature, I featured a beautiful and inspiring woman. It would come as no surprise that this woman brought another beautiful and inspiring soul into this world. (If you haven't already go read Tabitha's blog!)Right after Miss. Tabitha gave me a hug, her daughter Choyce came into the family room. Her voice was soft, cool and inviting. She was just as gorgeous as her mother and although younger, projected a similar and positive spirit. I learned that Choyce was the one who inspired her mom to start a Vegan lifestyle after a few health scares. She had shared with her mom that this way may be the way to go and they decided to give being Vegan 30 days. Years later, they are still l


In yesterday's feature, I featured a beautiful and inspiring woman. It would come as no surprise that this woman brought another beautiful and inspiring soul into this world. (If you haven't already go read Tabitha's blog!) Right after Miss. Tabitha gave me a hug, her daughter Choyce came into the family room. Her voice was soft, cool and inviting. She was just as gorgeous as her mother and although younger, projected a similar and positive spirit. I learned that Choyce was the one who inspired her mom to start a Vegan lifestyle after a few health scares. She had shared with her mom that this way may be the way to go and they decided to give being Vegan 30 days. Years later, they are still


What this world needs right now is a little...well, A LOT bit of joy. Personally, I am beyond frustrated with our current events. It's affecting my personal and professional life beyond my control and It's maddening. I immediately knew who I needed to introduce to brighten everyone's day. Roughly 6 months ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a viral video of a woman who had put on "Tom's of Main" deodorant. She had purchased and used the deodorant only to discover that she was putting out odor. Her plea was for "Toms" to head back to the lab and figure out how to make a deodorant that actually did its job. Between her quick witted one liners and her southern drawl, I was r


Technically, Jennifer. But, I don't think I've ever called her by her first name since that's not how she introduced herself to me. I met this beautiful soul almost 20 years ago in choir at my days in city college. Right off the bat, I was drawn to her sense of humor and her infectious laugh. She introduced herself to me and we became fast friends. She was open and honest. She was kind and empathetic. I think at one point, we took an Anthropology class together. She kept me awake and sane during the absolute boredom. In addition to being ridiculously hilarious and having some of the most beautiful handwriting one could ever wish for, the girl could SING. She would make history when she wa

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