Nick and Aimee

The flyers. The ones me and my family posted all over colleges? They worked!...And they were a big success on the Cal State Long Beach campus. :) I was contacted by the lovely Aimee who wanted to do a session with her boyfriend. They had both graduated and wanted to "make mom happy" by having grad photos taken. :)

The session was so fun. Right off the bat, I knew we'd get along when they put up with my humor. (Poor Nick was a good sport when I kept calling him "Chris." Where I got that name from... I don't know.) Aimee was a little more outspoken and outgoing whereas Nick was more quiet and subtle. Sweet and quirky, they had quite the silly time making one another laugh. All I had to do was show up and watch the magic happen. Both of them are already on a great career path and making a name for themselves. Nick has already secured a job and Aimee plans to head to grad school. I find that to be pretty awesome considering my career path was a giant question mark once I finished with school. Congratulations, you guys!

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