Eric and Alex

I was blessed to receive another referral from Baby Talent Network-owned and operated by Kathy Colorado. Kathy has been working with our family for the past 7 years and over the last year or so has been kind enough to refer her little clients my way for headshots. It's been a fantastic opportunity and I am loving every minute of it!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing 6-year-old Eric and his baby brother Alex. Eric was a client of BTN and recently decided to get back in the game of modeling. Alex is also getting involved in "the biz" and they needed to update their look to get going.

These two were the sweetest boys. Eric loved school, superheros and being a big brother. He enjoyed science and told me that one day, he wanted to be a scientist and a police officer. (Not necessarily in that order :). It was beautiful to hear the dreams of a little watch him play without reservation. His brother, was a little sweetheart and didn't make a peep until we finished. Other than that...all I got were little smiles and friendly waves. What a happy baby! Lots of bookings in these little guy's future! Go get it!

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