San Diego

As long as Neil and I have been married, we've gone to San Diego every summer. In the beginning, it was just dinners and trips to Balboa to explore the museums. Then as little people began to add to our little family, we introduced the Zoo....then Seaworld.....then Legoland. We're pros on San Diego...but every year we manage to discover somewhere new in the beautiful county.

This year, we stayed in Mira Mesa. Our first day there was spent at La Jolla Cove-somewhere we had never been. The girls discovered tide pools and crabs. We saw sea lions that were only inches away. It was new for me too and felt like a little girl again as we shimmied our way down the rocks to enjoy sea life from a whole new angle. Day 2 we jogged and walked around Lake Mira Mesa like champs. Zo complained about her feet hurting...but, she's a winner and didn't quit despite the almost 5 miles and heat. We went to Legoland 2x....once on the 4th of July and one more time a couple days later. We hit Seaworld (unfortunately, my camera had died before we had even the memories will have to stay upstairs) and Balboa park. We took the girls to the Whaley house (one of California's oldest and most haunted homes). Zoey and Mia were so nervous and Neil and I laughed like good parents do. Mia threw up in the hotel pool and peed her pants at Legoland. Perfect. We ate glorious amounts of delicious food,capped our trip at a bakery with my last name initials (so it had to be good) and made wonderful memories as a

family. Thank you for the wonderful time, San Diego....we'll see you next year!

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