The Geoffroy Gang

"Hey Em! We're interested in a family shoot!"

"HI Lindsay!! Great! How many?"

"15 people total. 6 kids included."

(Mouth drop. Deep breath.)

" Let's do it!"

An old friend of mine from High School was back in town and her mom wanted to get all the family together for some pictures. I hadn't seen Lindsay since it was quite a treat to see how much has changed. (A college degree, marriage, a move across country and 2 kids later!)

We met in Seal Beach and had a great time chasing all the kids around and did our darndest to get them to all look at the camera at the same time. 4 siblings, 3 significant others, 2 grandparents and 6 kids...ranging from several weeks old to several years :). I had so much fun and was thoroughly entertained-especially by Uncle Jeff.

It was really special to see how this family has grown and the legacy they are leaving for their family's future.

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