You know how you watch TV and you hear about actors and their struggle to get their big break? They start young...they have a hunger. They know that this is their destiny. There is no "plan B". They eat, breath, sleep this passion. They talk about their story how they only had a few dollars in their bank account, working to live, driving a car that may or may not break down at any minute but let it motivate their cause? You know, someone with massive heart and drive? Then they get their big break right when they're on the brink of having nothing.

This is THAT kid.

I met Cody only recently but I have known his mom for years. She was one of my bosses way back when I worked at In-N-Out. (yes. I worked at In-N-Out. :) An amazing mother, she wanted to support her son and his desire to be an an actor. She was kind enough to refer me and I had the pleasure of working with Cody a couple of weeks ago.

Kind. Strong. Smart. I heard his passion. I heard his drive. Auditions for whatever he can. Creates his own art. Wants it SO bad. I can't wait to say, "Hey. I know that kid. I worked with him in his first headshot session." Go for it, Cody. I can't wait to see HOW far you're gonna go.

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