The Schuster Family

11th grade English class. That's when I met this beauty. Miss Stephanie Sisneros.

I have to admit, I was TOTALLY intimidated by her.



Varsity Cheer.

She was definitely in the cool crowd but had a very kind, sweetness about her.

She thought I was funny (or maybe too loud..I don't know :)...and anyone who thinks that is automatically ok by me ( the funny part..not so much the loud part heh heh). Little by little, I discovered that there was more than met the eye and we became pals. Senior year, we remained friends and were both nominated for Prom Queen. I have a picture of us at prom together after we both lost to Nicole Pietrini (it's okay...she was a lovely young lady too :)) and let me tell you, this girl hasn't changed ONE bit. She's now a mommy and a wife to a great guy AND is just as beautiful on the inside (and out) as the day that I met her. I am so happy that we've remained friends all these years. Watching her with her family was magical and I feel so blessed to have caught that moment in time. (p.s. how sharp do they ALL look?! : )

Their love is overflowing for one another in these photos....If you're not smiling as big as I am looking at them, then come on over...because you obviously need a hug. Thank you, Schuster's for sharing this incredibly special moment. :)

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