The Roberts Family

On my first day of work at California Pizza Kitchen, I walked to the host stand where I was met by a young lady who had just came back from maternity leave.

"I've been gone for 3 months. So....Let's see if I actually remember anything. I'm Tess. I guess just follow me."

I was a bit stunned...and entertained. Clearly, I was casually thrown to her whim in order to be trained as a host. I didn't really know if I was actually going to learn anything but as days passed I loved the lack of enthusiasm. Being around her made me laugh. She was genuine and lovely.

Over the next few years, we became good friends-moved up in the ranks from host-to take out to server... We even went through a pregnancy together. Nothing is better than being on your feet for 6 hours and 7 months pregnant. At least I had someone to whom I could complain and understood my pain. :). My 2nd and her 3rd are less than a month apart. Our eldest 2 are less than a year apart and all of our kids love playing together. She watches my girls from time to time and I offered to take some pictures of her family as a thank you. Unbeknownst to me, she and her husband had never taken professional photos as they had eloped and the opportunity never had presented itself. I was so happy to do this for them. They mastered it like champs. Enjoy the cuteness of the Robert's family!

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