My Micaela (Part 1)

It has been an AWESOME weekend so far. I've had the pleasure of shooting some incredibly lovely people and today I got to photograph one of my best friends. (I say part one, because we're gonna shoot a couple more looks in the future. Today-she just needed a couple of photos for an upcoming audition. )

So funny story..this girl. We met several years ago in a performing group I am a part of. We were in the same group and by the end of the season....couldn't stand the sight of one another.

It was rough.

High tension. Lots of hours. LOTS of time spent together. A mix of emotion and frustration and I was quite certain none of us would EVER talk to each other again.

Several months later...she reached out to me.

"Hey you! I'm inspired by all the exercising you're doing.

(I was doing a challenge at my gym at the time.)

Can we hang out?"

I thought it was a joke. I remember literally thinking, "This has to be a joke. I thought this girl couldn't stand me." I went for it anyway. We met up for a spin class and had lunch after and discussed what we thought happened over our time together. We agreed we were both tired, not in our right minds and forgave. Moving forward, I couldn't have imagined what our friendship would have blossomed into. She has become a sister to me. Her kind heart and spirit have continually inspired me, helping me to grow into a stronger individual. She helps me get out of my head. She serves me doses of tough love that I need and simultaneously lets me get a lot of drama off my chest. She's my youngest's Godmother and I am so happy to have her in my life.

Oh...and she's one fierce singer/performer/professional/dancer/actress etc.-So there's that. I love her to pieces. Here's a few from the mini session we did! Look out for Part 2 in the future!

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