This was one of the most fun shoots I've gotten to do, to date. of my best pals shoots me a screen shot. " of my oldest friends needs a photographer for a lifestyle shoot. I'll get you in touch?"

A lifestyle shoot. Something new and different. My curiosity peaked, naturally.

"Hi Emily! I want to do something creative and fun! Something different...are you interested?"

"YES! Let's do it!"

Fast forward- and this complete stranger who ended up being as LOVELY as could be, shows up at my home and off we go shooting something called a "pitch packet" for potential managers and agents. He jumps in my car and I ask him "So...what's your story?"

Riley is an actor. (Although he learned on Saturday-he is also a model :)

He's got some pretty awesome credits to his name-he has directed and produced. He began working at 16 on Broadway and hasn't stopped since. The man is 23 but you would think he was 33 because of the great head that sits between his shoulders. He was in Hairspray LIVE! (SO FUN!) and is going to be reviving an upcoming Peter Pan role that was featured on He also works bi-coastal as his partner just got a job with the Henson studios and he still has other jobs that he goes out for in NY. Life is pretty good!

He is a hustler...Kind. Smart. Humble.

All the traits of a GREAT human.

And...most importantly...he bought me dinner afterward (which if you know KNOW that is the way to my heart). We had an absolute blast and got along so well. I am SO stoked at how great these turned out. Can't wait to see where this guy goes!

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