My Chelle Girl

Woman crush wednesday. That's what today is.

Alright world. Get out of here and get ready for this one. This is Chelle. The FANCIEST of all bananas. One of my best girl's. We met through my acapella group and over time, have really grown to really get to know one another. I've had the opportunity to work along side her and see her perform on a big stage too. This last summer, she was the Lady of the Lake in 3DT's Spamalot and I was basically crying by the end of her big number. She is amazing and one of the most talented individuals I've ever known (and by that I mean, her voice is like delicious fudge that I want to eat.) Her ability to take on any style of singing is done with ease and tremendous ability. Totally unrelated but she is also the most amazing aunt ever to my kids and she's quite possibly one of the funniest people I know. She's got beauty that radiates from the inside out and I am proud to know her. She's also REALLY humble.'d never know all these things unless you made an appointment with anyone who knows her as an individual asked me. I'll tell you. She's freakin' awesome.

I said it before but I will be one sad panda when she moves to NY...but I can't wait to see her on Broadway. I'll be there with bells on, opening night.

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