The Morrison's

Welcome in, 2018! I am so thrilled to start a new year with a family that I have known a greater part of my life and feels more like family than anything else.

I met Michele when we were 9. We happened to be on the same soccer team and my parents met her parents when our younger brother's started playing together during our game. Little by little, they discovered a crazy amount of similarities that were WAY to weird to be ignored.

( I'm too old to remember them all now...but I do remember my dad and her mom have the same birthday :).

We started going over to their house on a regular basis. We were there for all of their family parties. Her mom was my girl scout leader. We went Trick-Or-Treating together. I remember singing and playing drum beats on her practice pad. We did children's theatre together and swooned over our mutual love of Bop magazine....I could go on and on.

We all grew up and went our own ways but have still remained friends all these years. Michele moved to New York, is now married and has a beautiful little lady. Her brothers (who I still think are the little boys that used to make me laugh) are both married men with babies of their own. Mom and Dad still look exactly the same and are just as warm and lovely as the day I met them. They even brought along Auntie Allie-Michele's best friend from teenagehood :).

It was truly a treat when she called me and asked if I would take family photos of their family for a Christmas gift for my Aunt Debbie. I had the best time and could feel all the love that this beautiful family has for one another. Thank you, Morrison gang. I love you guys!

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