Nikki, Steven and the bump

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my friend Nikki and her handsome husband, Steven. Roughly 10 years ago I worked with Nikki at the house of mouse in the entertainment dept. Fast forward to a couple of years ago when she sat at my table when I was still

serving at CPK. We were able to reconnect over our past work experience and the necessity for a new hair dresser. Nikki had moved on to a beautiful career in hair and makeup and was kind enough to invite me into her chair when I was ready for a new cut. It's been around 3 years now and roughly 3 months ago, she told me she was expecting. After several years of marriage, she and her husband were ready to start a family....I couldn't have been more thrilled for her. She is one of the sweetest and kind hearted people I've known and I know she will make an amazing mom. She and Steven are expecting a little lady and I can't wait to see how lovely she will be when she finally makes her debut.

We had a blast during the shoot. These two were keeping each other cracking up the whole time as they exchanged thoughts on Nikki's belly button. The colors, the light and the love was so beautiful the entire evening. Thanks for a such a great time, guys! We can't wait to meet you, baby Bauer!

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