Courtney and Aaron

"We wanna shoot our engagement photos in this little taco stand in Menifee. Are you game? We'll feed you lunch."

I am always game for tacos. (Plus the whole photography part).

I've known Aaron the groom since we met last Christmas. He joined my acapella group and I found out shortly that he was engaged. I was super excited when he reached out to me about shooting his wedding. I met up with the couple at their apartment and we drove out to the bride's hometown of Menifee, Ca. It was quite a warm day so we started in the shade of a ravine, accompanied by lots of little friends buzzing around our faces. They were such good sports about it. (And by good sports, I do mean Aaron and Courtney...although, I think the bugs enjoyed our company also.)

Afterwards, these two were dressed to the nines and we headed to "Mi Pueblo" for the most important part of the shoot. This location was significant to the couple because in addition to having their first date there, they also were engaged and have spent many a car ride out from Fullerton just to eat these tasty tacos. It was messy and yummy...kinda like love in real life. Can't wait for their big day in January!

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