Frankie Babe and the Fam

A few months ago, I did a blog featuring one of my oldest friends who was pregnant with her first baby. This last weekend, I was THRILLED to finally meet baby Francesca and take pictures of her (plus mommy and daddy).

What a chill little baby. She barely made a peep....and it was only when she was hungry that she started to cry a little. It was magical watching individuals who I have known the majority of my life, take care of their little one. There's no mistaking this Frankie baby is daddy's girl from those giant blue eyes. She may have gotten the color from Daddy, but she was blessed enough to receive Mommy's crazy long lashes. Her little smile was heartwarming. The baby sounds almost made me want another one....(I'm absolutely kidding. I'm done....but she was AWFULLY cute). I cannot wait to watch this little lady grow. Congrats, you guys! Welcome to the world, Frankie girl!

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