The Cheng Gang

First off..I'm clever and didn't even mean to be. (I'm sure they've heard that silly pun before though.)

Anywhooooo.....This lovely group of people were brought into my life courtesy of Los Alamitos High School. The dad-Andrew was on my board when I was a member of ASB.....I had a board of members (who's idea was that? HA!). What we actually did...I can't really remember. I do remember that we through some pretty kick-ass dances, if I do say so myself. I digress. :) Andrew is now a grown man and married the beautiful, Jackie. Together they have made 2 of the most adorable little boys you ever did see and I was THRILLED to get to take their family holiday photos. Enjoy their session we did at Gum Grove in Seal Beach. Bribes of gummy bears and ice creams may or may not have occurred courtesy of brilliant parenting.

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