Courtney and Aaron

These two kicked off the new year with a bang! I had the pleasure of heading up to the Falkner Winery in Temecula for what was a beautiful, early winter day. I met Aaron and his lovely bride Courtney when Aaron and I started singing together in an acapella singing group. Much to my surprise, I was so thrilled when he asked me to photograph his wedding. After a fun engagement shoot eating tacos in Menifee last year, the actual wedding was here before we all knew it. It was a huge wedding party full of huge beautiful barn doors with ladies in merlot colored dresses and dark barrel rooms filled with gentlemen toasting to the good life. The ceremony was on a hill overlooking the gorgeous wineries of Temecula. As the sun set on the beautiful couple, these two said some of the most incredible vows you've ever heard in your life. They were creative and beautiful and made me feel really unintelligent for not writing the ones that I didn't because I was boring and had the priest do the standard stuff. (Yes...that was a run-on sentence....purposefully placed. My apologies to the bride-an English teacher.)

I digress.

The evening was full of love and positive light as they were surrounded by closest family and friends. They started their lives under a cloud of bubbles...and really, who would want to have it any other way? Congratulations, Courtney and Aaron!