Allie and Colin

Right before the holiday, I got sick. Like. REALLY sick. bed for days and lost almost 10 pounds in a week, sick. I am really good at thinking that I will be fine despite my body's VERY clear signals that I most definitely, am probably not.

So, I am in bed. Trying not to die.

Cut to...Allie messages Emily.

"I'm getting married! Are you available tomorrow for an elopement?"


I can do this. It's gonna be fine. I'll be okay. (Calls Father) "Dad? Can you drive me to my session?"

And I did do it. I don't know how....but, I managed to make it. It certainly helped that the bride was absolutely beautiful and her groom adored her every move. Oh and REAL quick, let's talk about the FLOWERS. This gorgeous bride created crowns, bouquets, and her grooms' boutonniere. (P.S. All from Trader Joe's flower section. Say whhaaaaaa??) Seriously, she needs to take up a new side career. AmIright?

It was a short but beautiful elopement at the Laguna Hills Civic Center and I am so grateful to have been asked. Lucky for was also close to Kaiser and I had meds by the end of the night. :) Congratulations, Allie and Colin!!

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