Queens...a series of real women

At the end of summer, I had thought of how this time in the season things slow down a little bit. I wondered what I could do to keep myself busy. I started working on this project in early fall and it became a labor of love. I decided that this year in honor of International Women's Day, I'd interview and photograph 30 extraordinary women-featuring a new woman every single day in March. I'd interview women who had shaped or influenced me in some way. Young. Old. Mothers. Career focused. Stay-at-home. Fighters. Survivors. Sisters. Students. Retired. Working. All colors. All shapes. All beautiful. My goal would be to perhaps make a book and that if any little girl picked this book up-they would see a version of themselves and be inspired to be absolutely anything they want to be. So, for the next 31 days-I present #Queens...a series of real women.

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