This year, my middle daughter started Kindergarten. She had just transferred from a different elementary school since there wasn't any room in TK at our home school. I was a bit nervous for her as most parents are when their children are entering a new environment. A few weeks went by and she seemed to be doing just fine. Along the way, she made a new "best friend". I quote "best friend" because this kid refers to everyone as such. This one however, seemed a bit different. Slowly but surely, I began to notice that these two were becoming one another's shadow. "Mommy, can we have a playdate with Zo Zo?" seemed to be a regular sentence in her daily pickup. Her mom and I had no choice but to also become friends seeing as though our girls were attached at the hip. Ironically her son is the same age is my eldest daughter (and ALSO in the same class), so it was only natural that we were always around each other's family. Fortunately for us and for Mia, they couldn't be a more lovely family. They are supportive, kindhearted and generous. It shows in their children. Zoey received a character award at school for "generosity" and her older brother received one for "honesty and good judgement". I thought it would be fun to interview Zoey since she's such a little firecracker. She loves cheer and LOL's and everything purple. She certainly made me "lol" with her answers. Her last response is the best, though. We can all stand to learn a little bit from Miss. Zozo. Naturally, she is a little queen in the making. :)


What is your name and how do we know each other?

"Zoey and I have best friend named Mia. You’re her mom."

How old are you?


What are you currently doing with yourself?

"Going to school."

Are you where you hoped you would be? If not/ Why? If so-what do you love about it and could you see yourself doing anything else?

"Yeah. I can see myself sitting down." ( I laughed out loud at that one)

Women are becoming a resilient sound that cannot be silenced. What are you doing to contribute that sound?

"Earn some money for people."

What is something you learned from a younger age that has stuck with you?

"My daddy taught me how to play UFC. I can put someone in a headlock."

Who is an individual who made a profound impact on you and why?

"Something that is really important to me is that I listen to my mommy. I want to learn how to cook and I play in my toy kitchen. Even my teacher has a toy kitchen. Maybe mommy will teach me how to cook."

What is a weakness or something that exposes your vulnerability and what do you do to combat/embrace it in order to grow?

"How to do flips and make a bridge. I really want to learn how to do that. Be a better gymnast."

What is something that you want to accomplish and what are you doing to get to that place, if anything?

"They people how to stop and go...I want to be a crossing guard." (Mom chimes in.."set those dreams high, kid!" :)

And now..a few questions to lighten the mood...

Dogs or Cats?


Cheeseburgers or Salad?


Beach or Mountains?


Sweet or Salty?

"Sweet!" (With a HUGE smile on her face)

Lose all of your old memories or never make new ones?

"I want to make new ones."

Disney..or is there any alternative?


What is a fun fact that someone may not know about you?

"I like to skateboard. I am pretty good at it."

And the final two important questions...

What is a common misconception about you that people make based on your appearance? What is your truth and how do you personify strength?

"That people know that I can do cartwheels but I can do it with one hand." (I mean, that's what I thought when I first looked at her. lol).

You have inspired me. What about yourself do you hope to put out in order to inspire other young people?

"Be kind to other people."

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